Real Quality Games for Kids


Real Quality Games for Kids

As a parent, it is hard and confusing to know exciting games to entertain and educate your children. Below is a list of games that involve education, entertainment, and interaction and are good for kids below the age of 13 years.


• Free Rice

Free rice is a game developed by John Breen and can be played online for free. This game is suitable for kids who love giving back to the community. It is an educational game with multiple choices. For every question, a player answers right, 10 grains of rice are donated to developing countries with hunger strikes. The rice money is donated by sponsors in exchange for advertisements space on the website. The games include grammar, literature geography among other subjects.


• Bubadudownload-2

Bubadu is an incredible game for the kids. The games are not educational, but they are fun since the players get to choose the activities they need to do. One can opt to be a dentist, nurse, to go shopping or build things and try out recipes like baking cakes. The games are easy and come with their set of instructions.


• Angry Birds

This is perfect for kids. It has easy to learn mechanics and features cute cartoon animals graphics which kids love. The games have over a hundred levels, and the game gets more exciting and challenging as the levels advance.


• Duck Duck Moosekread_video_banner

This is a web developer studio that specializes in children’s games. Their games involve kids in playing bingo, building trucks, going on adventures, and learning math. The games are developed for younger children and include adorable animal characters, more simple concepts and easy instructions. Kids tend to learn these games very quickly, and they offer a bonus on each level.


• Endless Alphabet games


This is an educational word game where kids unjumble letters to figure out what the word is. After jumbling, the word pops into a cartoon showing them the meaning of the word. The game has many words for kids to learn and does not register failure so that kids can learn at their pace.


• Zelda

Zelda is a game that provides a mix of puzzle and action, with stories of sacrifice and heroism. The games stimulate the player’s minds, testing both their reflexes and tactics to solve long, twisting dungeons while teaching them to utilize their tools effectively.


• Intel li joy games

This game contains simple titles like ABC Letters, Connect the Dots, recreational stuff like Kids puzzles and Painting. The games are available on Google play and cost around 50 dollars.





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