Xbox One Hidden features and apps


Gaming consoles these days focus more like complete home entertainment systems—the Xbox One aims to bring all your cool devices under one streamlined setup. The Xbox One has plenty of cool features and little Easter Eggs many people didn’t even know about. Here are the best Xbox One hidden features and apps.



Your Save Files Are Automatically Uploaded to Cloud Storage


Never worry about losing a save file ever again! The Xbox One will automatically upload your progress to its cloud storage system. So even if your console breaks or you’re playing on a friend’s console, you will always have access to your game saves.


In addition to this, you can continue games played on your Xbox 360 on your Xbox One. There are over 100 Xbox 360 games available on the Xbox One, so continue right where you left off on your 360!



Use Your Smart Phone as the CONTROLLER!!maxresdefault-8


By downloading Xbox One SmartGlass on the app store, you can use your phone or tablet as a controller! Just make sure both the console and your smart device are connected to the same WiFi network.



SmartGlass even allows you to use your phone’s keyboard to type out messages. Remember that clunky keyboard setup on the 360? That’s no longer a problem…



Play Your Xbox One Games on Windows 10xbox-one-update-330339


It’s about time that console gamers had an option when someone else in the house decides to hog the TV! Now with Xbox One, you can stream the games you own directly onto your PC with Windows 10. Just connect your Windows’ Xbox app to your Xbox One and enjoy gaming without the need of a TV.



Stop Paying for Expensive Cable Plans—Watch TV on Your Xbox One!


Expensive cable packages from Xfinity and FiOS are overrated! Instead of spending a fortune on cable, just subscribe to Sling for $20 a month, and get channels like TBS, ESPN, and AMC. OneGuide on your Xbox One gives you full control over your TV. Even pause a rewind shows!


Don’t miss out on The Walking Dead Season 7 this October just because you can’t afford cable!



Hopefully we gave you some ideas on how to get the most out of your Xbox One. If you want more on Xbox One hidden features and apps check out this video from Xbox DIY.





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