Why PC Gaming is Better Than Console Gaming


This article is all about PC gaming and the lack of some titles on PS3 and Xbox. For better or for worse, PC gaming has taken over the video game landscape. Why spend a small fortune on the latest console hardware when you’ve already got a great PC gaming setup that rivals the command center in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers—?

Here are a few reasons why PC gaming is the way to go over PS3 and Xbox One. Long live the PC Master Race!!



1. Games on PS3 and Xbox are usually available on PC, too!


Thanks to the advent of services like Steam and EA’s Origin, pretty much every game available for PlayStation and Xbox are already available on PC. Why spend upwards of $300 on JUST ONE console and get half of the new games available when you can get EVERYTHING for PC via Steam.




2. Better Graphics, Better Performancetumblr_mebtskfczo1rmr079o10_r1_1280


Hardware specs on the Xbox and PlayStation 3 are fixed at whatever their developers can manage at the time of their release. PCs are forever changing and always able to be pushed beyond their limitations through various modifications and upgrades. Rarely does a game show better on a console than it does on PC. If you’re looking for better framerate or graphics on PC, many times it’s just a simple upgrade. If your’re looking for it on Xbox or PlayStation, sorry, you’re kinda stuck with the suck!



3. More Game Mods & Customization Available!!descubre-que-es-mejor-elegir-entre-consolas-o-pc


The online video game modding community is huge! Expert hackers and amateur game developers really put their skills to the test in designing mods for popular video games. The large selection of mods are typically limited to titles for the PC. These mods can range from news skins and graphic packs to brand-new content for the game. And since these are fan-made creations, they are available FREE with no in-game purchases necessary!



4. Revisit Old Classics on the PC!



While game consoles are big on retro gaming nowadays, allowing players to revisit old classics via backward compatibility and their own virtual services, no platform allows for greater access to your favorite older games than a PC. The format never changes, so feel free to always be able to slip in your favorite games on CD/DVD roms. And yet, newish  services such as Steam, Origin, and other online gaming platforms have wide selection of classic games dating back to the earliest generations of gaming.


5. PC Gaming is More Economical in the Long Run!



While an expensive gaming rig may set you back some, gaming on your PC will save you money in the long term. No longer will you have to pay hundreds to afford the latest technology and accessories upon the release of each new generation of video game consoles. So you’re free to spend your hard-earned money on the latest releases!



That’s pretty much it for PC gaming and the lack of some titles on PS3 and Xbox. For a list of PC exclusives games, click the link below.




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