Best Rated Games of 2016


Over the years there has been advancement in video games to ensure that the plays have maximum fun. There have been improvements in the graphic, sound and modes of the video games to enable the player compare the game to real life situations. Some of the best rated video games are discussed below.



NBA 2K172k17-legends-cover


This is a basketball video game and Visual Concepts are the Company behind this development. It’s a successor to the NBA 2K16 and is published by 2K Sports. This game is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 and was released on September 2016 worldwide. The cover athlete is Paul George for the regular edition while Kobe Bryant is the cover athlete for the legend edition.


Like the previous NBA 2K series, this game simulates the NBA (National Basketball Association) experience. There are several modes available which include MyLeague and MyGM whereby the player is in control of the whole organization, MyCareer where one is able to play through a career by creating a customizable player and My Team where one creates a team to compete against other teams. What is more is that this games soundtrack features 50 songs. Apart from the current NBA teams it also includes classic NBA teams, EuroLeague teams and national teams.




Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endbeautiful-uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end-wallpaper


This is a video game that is developed by Naughty Dog and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. This adventure-action game was released on May 2016 worldwide. This is the last of the uncharted series that will be developed by Naughty Dog where Nathan Drake is the star.


This game is highly rated because of its improved gameplay compared to previous series, the emotional depth, narrative, multiplayer mode and the visual design. What is more is that it delivers a conclusion that is satisfying to the uncharted series. Some of the features that drake possess include sprinting, jumping, swimming, performing acrobatic actions and can also swing with a rope. He is also able to use firearms that include pistols, grenade and assault rifles to kill enemies.




Inside (XBOX ONE)inside_01-0


This is an adventure video game that is published and developed by Playdead. This game was officially released on June 2016. It is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. I this game the player control a young buy to solve puzzles in the environment and at the same time avoid death in a monochromatic landscape. This game is very similar to Limbo, a video game that the developed back in 2010.


The young boy that the player must control is in a red shirt apart from walking can run, swim, climb and use objects to overcome hardships and progress in the game. After a while the young boy discover abilities to control bodies in order to complete certain puzzles and at some points in the game, one may discover rooms that are hidden that contain glowing orbs. However, the boy may die in certain ways such as being mutilated by a dog, shot with a dart, drowning or being blown by shockwaves. Unfortunately there is no multiplayer mode and can only be played by a single player at a time.





It is my hope that you will find the above information more than helpful in choosing the best video game for you.



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