Affordable Gaming Laptops for Your Unique Gaming Needs


Gaming laptops on a budget


For most gaming enthusiasts, there is nothing better than owning a computer that can handle most flagship games available on the consumer market but is also available at pocket-friendly prices as well. Therefore, an excellent place to start your search process for a machine that embodies such qualities, an excellent recommendation for you would be to start with the best gaming laptops on a budget for your unique needs. To be specific, these things are available with some excellent features that can revolutionize your current experience and take it to the next level. Some of the features you should look out for or perhaps value in such a laptop would be SSD Drives, ample sized RAM, VRAM, CPU and the brand manufacturer as well.


Asus G50Vt-X5-RF Notebook PC – Intel Core 2 Duo P745033496181-2-1333-keyboard-2


The ASUS G50VT- X5 Gaming Notebook PC is made to excite even the most experienced gamers. This is because it comes with special NVIDIA GeForce 9800m gs with exclusive technology as well AS 512mb of GPU for brilliant quality and graphic textures as well. Besides that, it also comes with a brilliant 15.4-INCH WXGA Color Shine display that is powered by a lightning fast 2.13 GHz INTEL Core Processor. Additionally, it comes with 4GB of RAM such that you can have the performance you require now and for future purposes as well. With its 320GB 7200rpm hard drive, this computer provides sufficient room for your data and games without compromising on performance.


Alienware ALW18-3006sLV 18.4-Inch Laptop8e0cf7f655d7


Meet one of the best gaming laptops on a budget otherwise known as the Alienware ALW18-3600slV laptop that comes with an entirely new design and dual graphics to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience for your unique needs. This is because it comes with a special Intel Core i7-4710MQ Processor that can handle most high-end games as well as robust software applications. More so, it also comes with a 1 TB hard drive that has Solid-state functionality meaning that features no moving parts thereby reducing the chances of overheating or damage as well.


Lenovo Y50 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptopmaxresdefault-6


Experience the next level of gaming with the new and innovative Lenovo Y50 that comes with an ample sized 15.6-inch screen to make it a highly affordable and useful laptop for your gaming needs. Sparing nothing when it comes to performance, the Y50 Lenovo Laptop comes with special NVIDIA graphics as well as the latest Intel processors ideal for handling heavyweight games. Furthermore, it also comes with a Full HD display and it won’t is affected by sub-par visuals. You can also crank up the sound and reduce the need for headphones based on the external speaker set and embedded top quality JBL speakers.





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